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News and Articles about HelpNDoc

Automate your HelpNDoc documentation generation with Pretty Flow and PrettyFlow.NET

Pretty Flow is a freeware application which lets you schedule different tasks on certain periods or certain events like when file changes, and it now includes an HelpNDoc compilation task. This means that you can easily automate your documentation generation based on some trigger you define to strengthen your documentation producing process. Pretty Flow also features a server with a web interface so you can remotely run and control your different automated tasks.

Internet Explorer is showing an ActiveX warning when an HTML documentation is viewed locally

When HelpNDoc generates an HTML documentation, the usual process is to generate it to a local disk drive, review it, then upload it to the web-server where it will be accessible for the end-user. However, when testing the locally generated documentation using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you might notice a broken tables of contents at first, as well as a notification message at the top of the screen mentioning that "To help protect you security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options..." as shown on the following screen-shot.

New HelpNDoc review finds it powerful, easy and safe to install

A new review from George Norman at finds HelpNDoc powerful, easy and safe to install. "If you decide to download and install the IBE Software-developed application HelpNDoc on your system, you will enjoy the functionality of an easy to use, powerful and intuitive tool to create help files" says the review before pointing out that HelpNDoc is "free of charge. This means you can get HelpNDoc, enjoy the functionality it provides, and keep your hard earned money in your pocket".

Fast creation of a CHM help file table of contents

Using the Freeware Edition of HelpNDoc, you can create a Compiled HTML Help Format (CHM) table of contents in a mater of seconds, either by freely typing it, importing one from an existing CHM help file or using HelpNDoc's interface to position the topics. This article presents the steps involved to easily and rapidly create a complete and structured table of content for your documentations.