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Create a new HelpNDoc project

To follow this guide, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of HelpNDoc which is completely free for personal use and evaluation purposes. HelpNDoc is an easy-to-use, single-source help authoring environment which can produce multiple help, document and manual formats, including CHM, HTML, DocX, PDF, ePub and Kindle eBooks...

Step by step guide: How to create new HelpNDoc projects

HelpNDoc's straight-forward user interface provides easy and fast creation of new documentation projects: only a few simple steps are necessary to get up and running with a new HelpNDoc project.

Step 1

There are two ways to create a new project in HelpNDoc.

  • Click "New project" in the "Common tasks" section of the "Welcome" screen
  • Or click the "File" menu... then "New project"

Step 2

The "New Project" dialog pops-up.

  • We can enter a title for our new project
  • And select the project language

Step 3

We can also create an initial table of contents, using the TAB and SHIFT-TAB keyboard shortcuts to quickly organize the hierarchy.
Notice how the live spell checker is always available to help.
Let's create that sample project by clicking "Create project".

Step 4

  1. HelpNDoc has automatically created the table of contents hierarchy for us.
  2. It has also correctly set up the "project title"
  3. And the "project language" settings as requested

That's how easy it is to create new projects with HelpNDoc. We can now focus on the most important part: creating great content!
We will see how HelpNDoc can greatly help with that in another tutorial.